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SOLD OUT - GoldDust Garam Masala - Bottle


Chef Guru's GoldDust Garam Masala is a well-known family recipe of 15 spices that are hand ground and blended together to give you the finest balance of flavour and aroma for your home cooking.

People travel far and wide to buy our GoldDust in our few select stores, but for a limited time only we are making our spices available to order online!

What is Chef Guru's GoldDust?

Every spice blend has roots in a home kitchen, whether its adobo, baharat or togarashi. Garam masala is no different! Our Chef Guru's GoldDust spice blend developed out of our own home. As a Gujarati family all our different, fast-paced lives are still centred by Mum and Dad's cooking, which has pleased the mouths of many relatives, friends, partners and strangers, many of which end up taking home a tupperware box full of extra leftovers.

We noticed some of the crowd favourites seemed to include our homemade garam masala, so we decided to bottle it up and make it available for anyone to add to their spice rack and experiment with in their own kitchen!