What is Chef Guru's GoldDust?

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indian spices garam masala in bowl with spoon laid on side

How can I use GoldDust Garam Masala in my cooking?

The GoldDust potato curry was amazing! Flavours like you could never get from supermarkets!

Daniel Wates

I've been using GoldDust for a while and love the delicate flavour it adds to all my curries. I used the new Curry Powder recently and made the BEST curry I've ever made.

Cindy Clark

Cooked a lasagne and used a little bit of GoldDust in the meat sauce - Fantastic. My children said it was the best lasagne they have ever had!

Lucy Godding

GoldDust is amazing, very versatile - the aroma and taste is exquisite.


It is so delicious. It's warm, fragrant and full of vigour and gives a great depth of flavour to everything. I have been trying (and making) garam masalas for decades, and this is the best yet. Thank you!


So bloody good, everyone needs GoldDust in their pantry!


Joe says:

I have recently been introduced to Chef Guru's "GoldDust". An exquisite blend of spices that I have used, with great success, on a wide variety of dishes. I started using it on vegetables, fish, fried onions and mushrooms, even grilled cheese sandwiches and much more. It is such a nice compliment to the normal flavours I am used to.

I even found my breakfast scrambled eggs on toast more enjoyable. Almost anything I sprinkled with the "GoldDust" spices was enhanced by a special new flavour and it is nice to experiment. I just purchased their ground turmeric which I am anxious to try!