Copy of About Chef Guru's GoldDust

Gold Dust, with its complex formula which is blended by hand, enhances your food to that level of richness and warmth that you never thought you could get in your own home cooking.



Why is GoldDust the best garam masala?

Spice Blend or Garam Masala has been accessible for over 300 years and there is never a set rule for the mixture of the spices, although many cookbooks give a basic mixture ratio. But do we just follow that rule or do we throw in a few more ingredients and make it our own? This is why everyone who loves spicy food has their own secret spice mix and the secret remains with them and their loved ones. Since the process of making a spice blend or garam masala is complicated, many of as use the basic spice mix supplied by the supermarket, but the ingredients don't always have a set standard and all vary from one supermarket to another. After trying out all the supermarket's spice blend, it seems that they are not using expensive spices.

This is where Gold Dust gives you the ability to use a spice mix that has the upmost versatility, immediately bringing your personal cooking to another level. The mix can easily slip into your current and most favourite recipes, while also showing you just how much more is out there to discover. From South America to Middle Eastern, this spice blend can help home chefs with any cuisine, adding a touch of spice to finish the dish with perfection.


What's in it?


Mace - javatri

Claiming centre stage in the best garam masalas, this spice is actually the encasing - or ‘aril’ - which surrounds the nutmeg seed whilst it rests inside its fruit before being extracted, with the aril being picked off by hand. This is then left out to dry, turning a softer orange in colour and becoming what we know as mace blades. The nutmeg tree originates from Indonesia and through colonial trading has branched out around the world to places like Grenada, where the nutmeg fruit sits proudly on their national flag!

These blades are the softer sibling to the nutmeg in both flavour and intensity, making it the ideal spice for baked goods, cocktails, masala chai…

Green Cardamom - choti elaichi

These little complex pods are the saviour for many delicious bits in both sweet and savoury varieties. Super fragrant with lemon and eucalyptus, they’re spicy, citrusy, herbaceous and sweet all at the same time. Whilst native to the Indian subcontinent, they’re also popular in Scandinavian baking with well-known treats such as the Swedish kardemummabulle.

We use this spice to help balance out the other stronger aromas in our GoldDust, such as star anise and fenugreek.